L’IMAGE LTD Company is honored to provide direct design and printing services using the latest technologies On all types of flat materials of all kinds (glass – acrylic – wood – stainless steel – ceramic – marble – poly-carbonate – leather – mosaic) These materials can also be printed with surfaces up to 2 meters long, 160cm wide, and 15cm high, with weights up to 200kg. All of these capabilities can be a good way to use in all fields from interior design, advertising, furniture, shower rooms, securit facades, cladding, panel specialists, glass factories to all fields of artwork.


Is an Egyptian limited liability design house & service center of color printing on different surface. Our flatbed UV printer, Roland® LEJ-640F can print on a wide range of materials: rigid, flexible and sheets. These include glass, wood, ceramic polypropylene, cardboard, aluminum panels, fluted and corrugated boards and acrylics.
You can also print on sheets of flexible material such as self-adhesive vinyl, poly-carbonate, PET, polyethylene and PVC banner. Flatbed printing onto substrates up to 15cm thick The UV Roland® LEJ-640F prints CMYK, white and clear inks onto both flexible and rigid substrates up to 15cm thick. We can print white on a variety of clear or dark substrates for text and graphics that stand out.

We can use the transparent ink to create textures and embossing effects. With a wide bed size of 1.6m by 2.1m, the LEJ-640F lets you explore a broad range of applications, including packaging prototypes, signage and displays. Advanced technology The UV Roland® LEJ-640F had a fully-automated, built-in sensor determines the relevant print head height for each job. This feature prevents head strikes and ensures reliable, high-quality printing up to 1440 x 1440 dpi on substrates weighing up to 200kg.

ECO-UV ink & UV-LED lamps The basic business of L’image Ltd. is providing the service of color printing on different surfaces mainly in b2b sector. Printing of photo quality images directly on glass, acrylic, plastic, wood, ceramic, mosaic, marble, canvas, leather, candle, poly-carbonate, aluminum cladding, stainless steel or other materials earlier seemed impossible. The ECO-UV ink ensures high density printing in a wide range of colors. The latest generation UV-LED lamps, designed to cure Roland® ECO-UV inks.

Our targeted market of UV printing are companies of interior design, furniture, glass factories, art galleries, souvenir and advertising market. The frequent orders are printing photo images on sliding-door wardrobes. kitchen set fronts, printing of masterpiece copies and portraits, stained glass windows, shower cabinets, making information stands for indoor use by means of direct printing etc. Specialty inks add value and enhance your creativity The LEJ-640F outperforms traditional CMYK printers with the addition of white and transparent inks.

With the high-opacity white ink, you can print crisp, bright text and graphics on a range of colored and transparent substrates. The transparent (clear) ink can be layered to create textures and embossing effects. You can also use it for striking gloss and matte finishes. Possibilities of designing & printing any full color images on even rigid and heavy substrates are the unique brand proposition of our company.

تتشرف شركة ليماج ليمتد بتقديم خدمات التصميم والطباعة بإستخدام تكنولوجيا UV Flatbed والتي تتيح إمكانية الطباعة المباشرة على كافة أنواع الخامات المختلفة (خشب – أكريلك – زجاج – سيراميك – رخام – جلد – الأقمشة….إلخ) وبمساحات تصل إلى 2م طول وبعرض حتى 160سم وبإرتفاع حتى 15سم، مع إمكانية تحمل أوزان حتى 200كجم. كل هذه الإمكانيات يمكن أن تكون وسيلة جيدة للإسهام والمساعدة في كافة المجالات من التصميم الداخلي والديكور، الداعاية والإعلان، صناعة الأثاث، محلات الزجاج وكباين الشاور والزجاج المعشق، معارض اللوحات والهدايا إلى كافة مجالات الأعمال الفنية.